The Digital Strategy Top 5

There's a lot to know when developing a digital strategy. From following trends and learning the new technologies to measuring KPIs and learning Google Analytics, there's a lot that can be done for a brand in the digital world. Ultimately, it boils down to what makes sense for your brand and your target audience but... Continue Reading →

22 Things I Love About Sports

While I may not know every rule for every sport or every player on every team, I still love watching sports (except golf). Here's why: The Chargers exist (formerly the San Diego Chargers). The spirit and community that forms around a particular team. It's a way of having city or town pride. Yelling at a... Continue Reading →

Because Mobile Wasn’t Enough

I feel like I've always been a little behind in the "technology" behind I mean, I've never really used DVR or got into to the 3D (is it 4D now?) hype. I thought I could stay up to date when mobile apps became the hot thing. It didn't require purchasing a new device or buying something... Continue Reading →

SEO Made “Easy”

SEO (search engine optimization) has fascinated me ever since I joined the marketing world. There are so many factors that play into page rank and it's ever-changing. In fact, I've made it my goal to become Google AdWords certified before I graduate from NYU just so that I have more of an understanding of how... Continue Reading →

3 Years A New Yorker

I recently celebrated my 3 year moveaversary to NYC and I am still wondering how it's been 3 years since I got off the train and climbed up the 3 flights upstairs to my new walk-up. I remember not being able to unlock the door, turn on the window AC unit, and even maneuver some... Continue Reading →

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