the provocateur

I really love personality tests but have always taken the ones that tell me more about how I act and behave. Sally Hogshead created a test to illustrate how others perceive you and what your most influential traits are. The results were a bit surprising to me.

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 1.49.46 PM.png

My primary advantage is innovation and my secondary one is mystique, categorizing me as The Provocateur. The innovation aspect threw me off at first as I read the description about always providing novel ideas and thinking outside of the box. Then, the last bullet said “You’re less overtly creative than other Innovation personalities, you don’t over-communicate, which adds to the curiosity you provoke”. I think this explains some the crazy ideas that pop in my head at work.

Some of the highest values of Provocateurs are being able to grasp multiple viewpoints (hello to being the constant Devil’s Advocate in life) and thriving in challenging environments when you’re able to try new approaches. Provocateurs are also described as individual thinkers.

I’d like to think I fit this description but it may be more effective to ask those around me who see “me in action” every day. Ideally, I am an independent thinker who can meet challenges but I am curious as to how this serves as a point fascination for others.

Similar to people and using the results at work and on dating profiles, brands can use this test as way to find out what aspects of their brand personality resonate with consumers.  As a marketer it’s important to know what is working and what isn’t. If being innovative is an appealing part of your brand then it should be emphasized in the brand’s communications.

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