something i never thought i’d research…water

Water is something I’ve never really given much thought to other than refilling my bottle at work a few times. I don’t Google it, I don’t search for the best brands, and I certainly don’t taste the difference between types of water unless it’s still versus sparkling. Do people have their preferred brand of water? Does drinking Fiji make you feel different than when you drink the Kirkland (Costco brand)? I’ve always wondered how consumers build their water brand preferences.

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 6.11.10 PM

I think I’d start by visiting the brand’s website. Water is becoming a trendy beverage as more companies become eco-friendly. One popular brand is Boxed Water. Other than the cool packaging, I don’t know what would make me a repeat purchaser of Boxed Water. However, after seeing the unique package, I would be more inclined to do a quick web search (someone’s doing their job right!).

The Boxed Water website answers my main question “what makes this water different than any other water?”. Three main words stand out: Pure, Convenient, and Sustainable. The website serves its purpose to explain to potential consumers why their product is better. The site is also described as a store, making it clear that one can purchase the water right from the site. For someone with no brand preference, it was clear why I should purchase this brand and how I can purchase it.

Of course Boxed Water must have assumed that its packaging would intrigue many passerby so the site is mobile friendly, responsive, and ready for people to search while on-the-go or in stores.

I enjoyed navigating the site for several reasons. One is the clear, fixed navigation menu that included one page “Why Boxed is Better”. This really helped clarify why I was on this site to begin with. Not only that, but the use of photos throughout the site made me want to get one of these cartons for myself (definitely Instagram worthy). The photos also added to the clean and simple look. The site also included infographics that really spoke to the promise of the brand to promote a clean and healthy environment. Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 6.32.45 PM

The brand personality is conveyed through the tone of the pages and is consistent with the product as well. Simple pages with simple language makes it clear that this brand is all about transparency. It was easy to tell that this is an innovative brand – not one that emphasizes its history (looking at you, Poland Spring).

If I were to visit water brand websites regularly, I’d want the experience I had with Boxed Water. It provided a reason to even ressearch water brands since I don’t think many people do this on their own. And thanks to Boxed Water, I want to be a trendy water drinker now – who needs a bottle when you can get it in a carton?

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