22 things i love about sports

While I may not know every rule for every sport or every player on every team, I still love watching sports (except golf). Here’s why:

  1. The Chargers exist (formerly the San Diego Chargers).
  2. The spirit and community that forms around a particular team.
  3. It’s a way of having city or town pride.
  4. Yelling at a player, team, TV screen, etc is a good stress relief.
  5. Who doesn’t like good competition?
  6. Comebacks are the best.
  7. It’s impossible not to be at the edge of your seat during a penalty shoot-out.
  8. Fantasy leagues!
  9. Usually sports involves eating good food while watching.
  10. And beer. Always beer.
  11. Getting ESPN alerts about your team winning when you’re unable to watch the game.
  12. For game days, it eliminates the need to wear a coordinated outfit because you can just wear a team jersey or shirt.
  13. That understanding nod you get from a stranger that also supports your team.
  14. The excitement of actually being at a game.
  15. The smack-talk.
  16. Following individual players.
  17. The opportunity to travel for both home and away games.
  18. Meeting other fans of the same team.
  19. Finding the bar for your team if you don’t live in the home city.
  20. Football season.
  21. Waking up early on Saturdays to watch the English Premier League.
  22. That feeling when your team wins.

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