walking the walk…the catwalk

I often mention or describe events as being an “NY” thing. From owning a coat that goes past my knees with a fur hood to dodging tourists and playing “beat the truck” while crossing the street, the spectrum of activities that are classified as “NY” is vast. One extremely NY thing that has happened to me was participating in an episode of Project Runway.

I have participated in the Avon 39 Walk to End Breast Cancer for several years, either by volunteering at the event or fundraising and walking the 39 miles. I’ve made some wonderful friends through this and consider myself extremely lucky to have so much support around this important cause. Since my most recent walk in 2016, I have been asked to participate in panels to help guide new coaches, participate in photo and video shoots for the ad campaign and most recently, serve as inspiration for the design challenge on Project Runway.

The episode was focused on the “warrior spirit”. I was interviewed along with other Avon walkers and representatives to speak about our experience with breast cancer and why the Avon walk was so important to us. The entire weekend (in July) had to be kept secret until the week it aired in October – which was really a challenge for us as it was truly an exciting experience.

On day one we were asked to show up at a boxing ring in Brooklyn where we were there for Tim Gunn to announce the challenge to the designers. It was really fun to meet the other ladies and it was this little bit that appeared on national television!

Day two was when we got our hair and makeup done by the artists that actually work with the show’s models! We also got to go to the set where they film the show. It was this evening where they conducted our full length interviews. You can watch mine here!

Day three was more low-key than the previous two days. We got to do a full tour of the set and meet the judges for that episode. The weekend concluded with us getting to walk the runway (which I just did for fun but they ended up filming), watch the models walk and show off the designs and also watch the judging! I also had a chance encounter with Heidi Klum and took my creeper photo with her (what else would you expect?).

All in all, it was a very NY experience if I ever to had categorize one of the more positive things that can be classified that way (see previous post about snow & suede boots).

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