a visit to “puddletown”

It’s January 24th and not to brag or anything, but I’ve already accomplished one of my goals for 2018. It was a trip (I almost wrote spontaneous, but it was not) to Portland, OR – a place I had never been to before.

I think I’m still digesting just how different it was from any other place I’ve been to but I’ve already decided I want to go back when the weather is better. It was a bit overcast but we thoroughly enjoyed some of the rain-free time we got. The colorful houses, light rail, hiking paths and numerous breweries were some of my favorite things.

The number of breweries was actually really surprising – it seemed like at every corner there was another one.  Two of my favorite beers were the Gnome of Doom (an Imperial Belgian Stout that was aged in whiskey barrels) from Fat Heads and smokey beer (Earl Grey something) from LABrewatory. Can you tell I like dark beer? We ate some delicious food (of course) but sadly did not make it to Voodoo Donuts. I’m 90% sure I will be full from this trip until next week.

Some other highlights include:

We knocked a lot of things off our itinerary but I feel like there’s a lot we missed not only within Portland but outside of it as well. Next time I go I will definitely want to see more of the sun. Stay tuned for more 2018 adventures!

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