first taste of freedom

Spain has had one of the strictest lockdowns in the world because of the significant amount of coronavirus cases here. Just this past Saturday, after 50 days of lockdown, we were allowed to go for walks (up to 1km) and exercise (up to 1 hour) between 6am-10am and 8pm-11pm. Before this, people were only allowed to leave their houses to walk their dogs, to go to the supermarket (only the closest one), or to go to the pharmacy. Any rule breakers were fined by the Madrid police. It has been so challenging to be stuck inside, especially for those of us who turn to the outdoors for a source of comfort. I’ve only wanted to go for a run or hike since this all started.

Saturday evening, at 8pm sharp, my roommate and I left for a walk and it was so magical to see Madrid again. We were able to see a ton of people, dogs, and a gorgeous sunset. Yesterday, I went for my first run in the morning. Surprisingly, this was my first time running in Madrid. It felt so nice despite how much I struggled. Being outside has reminded me of why I moved here and that this is still only the beginning of my time here.

The hardest part is limiting how much that I participate in the exercise and walks. I don’t want to be part of the problem. Understandably, everyone wants to be outside and attempting to social distance is difficult in some places. I only hope that everyone is smart and continues to practice social distancing and hygiene so that we can continue to progress. Small businesses are able to open as long as they adhere to strict guidelines regarding occupancy and cleanliness. Fingers crossed that we continue in this positive trend and are able to freely leave our houses sometime soon!

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