The Digital Strategy Top 5

There's a lot to know when developing a digital strategy. From following trends and learning the new technologies to measuring KPIs and learning Google Analytics, there's a lot that can be done for a brand in the digital world. Ultimately, it boils down to what makes sense for your brand and your target audience but... Continue Reading →

Because Mobile Wasn’t Enough

I feel like I've always been a little behind in the "technology" behind I mean, I've never really used DVR or got into to the 3D (is it 4D now?) hype. I thought I could stay up to date when mobile apps became the hot thing. It didn't require purchasing a new device or buying something... Continue Reading →

SEO Made “Easy”

SEO (search engine optimization) has fascinated me ever since I joined the marketing world. There are so many factors that play into page rank and it's ever-changing. In fact, I've made it my goal to become Google AdWords certified before I graduate from NYU just so that I have more of an understanding of how... Continue Reading →

How New York Eats…or Lives

Since moving to New York I've always had a fascination about what makes a New Yorker a New Yorker. Is the an extensive knowledge of the subway? Is it access to the best broker? Or is it knowing the best Chinese takeout in each neighborhood? I've had about 3 years to think on this and... Continue Reading →

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