how new york eats…or lives

Since moving to New York I’ve always had a fascination about what makes a New Yorker a New Yorker. Is the an extensive knowledge of the subway? Is it access to the best broker? Or is it knowing the best Chinese takeout in each neighborhood?

I’ve had about 3 years to think on this and I have come to the conclusion it’s this understanding that we all have. It’s not something we verbally discuss to one another but more of this underlying thought behind our actions.  It’s knowing that the best seat on the subway is by the door next to the pole. It’s utilizing resources beyond one broker to find your next apartment. It’s ordering the right items from the small Chinese restaurants.

These thoughts are hard to express to an outsider but somehow we all have them. There’s a certain New York etiquette that we all follow. It’s incredible that few movies, TV shows, and brands take advantage of this amazing connection we all have.

One brand has started to utilized this New York mindset particularly well in its advertising. And it’s the most “New York” brand for millennials these days. Seamless is queen brand of all food delivery. Seamless allows you access to any restaurant with just a few clicks, without ever leaving your apartment. This means New Yorkers can avoid the subway, the weather, and most importantly, each other. As their campaign states, its “How New York Eats”.

Digitally, Seamless has helped form a thread among New Yorkers by sharing very relatable content. Poking fun at New Jerseyians (Jerseyites?), small kitchens, etc. It’s all messaging that only New Yorkers can relate to. This is not only in their offline advertising, but also shared on the brand’s Twitter, Instagram and other channels. Not to mention on Instagram, they’ve taken the New York element to another level by incorporating some content from the OverheardNewYork account.

Seamless also inserts itself in conversations on its Twitter account by utilizing popular and trending hashtags. The brand is trendy and acts like the typical New Yorker. On Twitter, Seamless also responds to mentions in a clever and humorous way. The tweets are also simple and focused so that it’s easy to retweet. One way to improve would be to create more distinct content between the different digital channels. It looks like most of the content on Twitter has been repurposed from Instagram. By creating unique content on each channel it would provide followers with different messages.

The tone and voice of the campaign is consistent across channels which also reinforces the brand and what it stands for. The New Yorker identity is unique to Seamless and fits well with the audience. I think relating to the content that Seamless creates is just another thing that makes a New Yorker a New Yorker.

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